Selected Projects

The Libido Wars

You can take the politics out of psychoanalysis but you can’t take psychoanalysis out of politics.


There is reason to look for psychological types, because the world in which we live is typed and ‘produces’ different ‘types’ of persons

-T.W. Adorno

Little Tyrants

Can we ever silence the little fascist in our heads? Should we?

Perceptual Studies

Before last summer, I must have passed it hundreds of times without noticing. The office is only three blocks from my favorite pizza place. But I suppose you can’t exactly hang up a sign saying, “We collect past lives. Inquire within…”

Sign Language

From A to Z is not the end of history.

The Drama of Presence

 An organic disease, a death, uncertain prospects with regard to the necessities of life–these are all misfortunes to be dealth with through realistically oriented behaviors: but the worst misfortune arises when the very possibility of behaving is threatened.

-Ernesto de Martino

Back to the Land

The trouble with paradise: someone always gets there before you.

Contact Tracing

Were the porn theaters romantic? Not at all. But because of the people who used them, they were humane and functional, fulfilling needs that most of our society does not yet know how to acknowledge.

-Samuel R. Delany

Roads to Freedom

What did Jean-Paul Sartre see, on the way to Sinai?