About Me

David Gutherz is an intellectual historian, freelance researcher, and Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. For the past few years, I’ve also worked as a research fellow and editor at NPR’s Invisibilia. My research focuses on how social scientists have tried to classify, control, and explain human behavior—and how even outdated classifications, control mechanisms and explanations can shape how we see ourselves.

During a stint as a day-laborer on a vineyard in Tuscany, I developed a special interest in Italian history and recently completed a dissertation at the University of Chicago Committee on Social Thought about a crew of anti-fascist anthropologists and sociologists who reshaped Italian culture after the death of Mussolini. Aside from Invisibilia, my research has appeared in the Chicago Review, Psychoanalysis & History, The New Books Network, and Jacobin Radio. I am currently working on two connected book projects about the history of safe spaces and anti-authoritarian education.

Contact: dm.gutherz@gmail.com